First lab-based study completed

In December, we completed the first lab-based study concerning multi-tasking learning and Starcraft with 14 complete Starcraft 2 novices. The participants played a tutorial and then completed up to 13 rounds of a special Arcade map. The data is currently being analysed. As a first sneak peek, you can see the average learning curves for the several tasks.

mGesamt = total time to task completion
mMineralien = penalty points for floating minerals (over 800)
mVersorgung = penalty points for being supply blocked?
mProbe = penalty points for probe being attacked

run-through number

if you want to try it out yourself, you are invited to play the map “Multitask Research UniBw” in the Arcade. If you are a good and active player, please consider participating in our experts study.


Participation open

We are now collecting all your Multiplayer replay files. If you have at least 200 (the more the merrier) replay files in your Multitplayer collection, please consider contributing to the project. Note that at the moment we are only interested in Starcraft 2 (Auto Matchmaking Multiplayer) files, both Ranked and Unranked. If you send us others, that’s okay, but we will not be using them at the moment.

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